NORA ZACHARIAS, BA Communication Studies

After graduating, I attended the journalism school in Salzburg/Vienna, followed by a two-year internship at Bayerischer Rundfunk, where I now work as a radio, online and TV writer. Among others for Bayern 2/Radio and the TV shows “Gesundheit”, “Beta Stories” and “Lebenslinien” as well as the Instagram channel “Eltern ohne Filter” (I have a little son myself).

In what way did your studies help you to achieve this goal?

For radio and TV reports, I have to do a lot of research, fact-checking, and keep up with new topics. I learned to be precise in my scientific work during my studies. And that helps me in my current job. In addition, I took part in the Uni-Radio and Uni-Television courses with a great deal of pleasure and I was also a tutor in the Uni-Radio course. It was there that I discovered my passion for radio and television journalism, and without these courses I might be in a different line of work now.


Which of the people you met during your studies at PLUS do you remember the most?

Boris Romahn, Martina Thiele, Iris Köck und Josef Trappel


How did you end up in your current job?

Through many internships, patience and believing that I was right for this job. I was accepted to the Austrian College of Journalists only after my second application, and I was accepted to the Bayerischer Rundfunk only after my second application. After the two-year traineeship, I was taken on by BR.

Short questions at the end

When I think of Salzburg, I immediately think of … white spritz, lots of time, the Waldbad and the Uniradio.

A happy PLUS moment was… when I finished my bachelor’s degree and received my certificate. And a panel discussion at the university that I moderated. I was proud after that.