Instruction for alumni portraits

In order to be able to trace your professional life for our future graduates, briefly describe your professional career, underline this description with a photo. In addition, we offer you a selection of different questions (see below).

The portrait on our homepage would then consist of four points

  • name, studies
  • a photo
  • a career description
  • the answer to four to five questions from the “Questions” section one or two questions from the “Short questions about graduation” section

Finally, I would like to thank you very much.


  • You studied communication science at PLUS, to what extent did this study prepare you for your current job?
  • What skills were necessary for your current position?
  • What were your first impressions at the beginning of your studies at PLUS?
  • Why did you decide to study at PLUS?
  • Which people from your studies at PLUS are particularly memorable to you?
  • What would you give today’s students to take with them?
  • What do you miss today from your time studying at PLUS?
  • What was an unforgettable experience of your time as a student?
  • Why did you decide to study communication science?
  • What was your personal goal?
  • How did your studies help you achieve that goal?
  • How did your path evolve from your studies to today?
  • Are there any points of contact between your studies and your current job?
  • What still connects you with PLUS and Salzburg today?
  • How has your professional career developed from your studies to today?
  • How did you end up at your current job?
  • What is your daily work routine like?
  • What fascinates you most about your job?

Contact person

Mag. phil. Mario Eigl

Lecturer at the Department of Communication Science