In the winter semester 2021/2022, the Department of Organizational Communication will offer the following courses:

Bachelor study


LV number Course LV management
641.041 VU Theories 2 Prof. Dr. Peter Winkler
641.059 SE fields of application of organizational communication?
Instrumental, interpretive, and inclusive approaches.
Prof. Dr. Peter Winkler
641.052 UV Corporate Communications: Conception and Planning, Instruments and Measures Dr. Birgit Rauscher-König
641.038 UE Marketing and communication strategies using the real example of a strategic campaign for Salzburg – City of Youth. Dr. Thomas Zezula
641.032 UE “Tell me a story” Fairy tale corporate communication Dr. Karin Pühringer
641.043 UE Digital Content in Theory and Practice Mag. Florian Mayrhofer

Master program

LV number Course LV management
641.124 KO Master Conversatory Prof. Dr. Peter Winkler
641.063 UE Content Creation in Corporate Newsrooms Dr. Martin Sturmer

Doctoral program

LV number Course LV management
641.120 Dissertation seminar Prof. Dr. Peter Winkler