To graduate with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies, you must meet the following requirements:

Successful completion of all the compulsory courses of the nine KoWi modules in the amount of 144 ECTS credits.

Keep track: Fill in the examination pass regularly!

Normally, compulsory courses completed once do not require recognition.

Positive completion and recognition of the course as part of the 36 ECTS in free electives

To do this, you must apply via PLUSonline. You can find out how to do it here.

For questions and problems with recognition: Email

PLUSonline allows students to count completed compulsory internships towards the Bachelor’s Degree.

The recognition procedure depends on the type of compulsory exercise.

Find out what to look out for here.

the successful completion of the bachelor seminar and the positive assessment of the bachelor thesis

The BA thesis is written within the framework of the BA seminar.

You will also receive an expert opinion for the work. Come and get it!

What happens next?

If these criteria are fulfilled and you wish to complete the Bachelor’s programme, you must enter the courses of the nine Communication Studies modules as well as the recognised free electives in the examination passport and submit it in person or by e-mail to the Examination Office of the Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences on the first floor of the Unipark Nonntal (Erzabt-Klotz-Straße 1). Attention: Please make sure that all free electives have already been approved by the department. The Examination Office does not recognise outstanding certificates!

In the period of two to three weeks, graduates of the Bachelor’s program in Communication Studies will be awarded the Bachelor’s certificate, thereby conferring the academic degree “Bachelor of Arts” (abbreviated “BA”). The certificate can then be collected from the Examination Secretariat. It is also possible to ask for the average grade to be calculated at the time of collection. This takes approximately one hour.